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Board of directors

Morẹ́nikẹ́ Ọláòṣebìkan

President, BSc.Pharm, RPh 

first startup gig at 7 years – a performance art theater troupe for children’s parties; next at 22 years – initiated Ribbon Rouge now a social innovation in three countries working to achieve health equity; then at 28 years – acquired and still operating a retail pharmacy franchise. Through her experiences in global health work, she came to an understanding about deeper systemic reasons for the current disparity in HIV burden in African Countries in comparison to non-African countries and the disproportionate global HIV related death of women of childbearing
age. She came to understand that a combination of lack of medication access as well as youth unemployment is a significant driver of the persistent HIV burden in these countries. She has committed her life to contribute sustainable solutions to these issues.

Mary Sylla

Sexual Health Promotion Lead, BSN, RPN 

 Registered Nurse whose focus is primarily on women’s health which has led her to work in Fertility, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum and medicine. Her work experience has given her the opportunity to work with persons from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Her passion in global health has allowed her to use her skill set in a grassroots manner to look at ways she can facilitate change and advocacy.

Maxan Ferguson-Dye

CEO and Founder of her own business

Started her career as a stem cell scientist, working in labs and then moving into direct stem cell collections, finally before leaving London, England was working for DKMS, the world’s biggest stem cell donation and transplantation organisation as a medical coordinator. Moving to Canada, started her on a journey of self discovery, wanting to team all of her expertise with her passion for educating and helping others. She wanted a business that would take a holistic approach to education.Specialising in sexual health and education, she also recognised the importance for education on topics, such as, wellness, environmental sustainability, natural trustworthy and environmentally friendly products. Minimalism, slow living with intention, spirituality, veganism, and other topics that make up the intersections of modern life, steeped in healing and trauma informed practices not just in our personal lives but in how we interact with the world.

Daniel Adewumi

In his over twenty-three years of Facility, Infrastructure Development, Project/Program and Risk Management practice, Daniel has been recognized as a hands-on practitioner known for a strategic and focused approach. Daniel has an extensive accolade for limiting risk, creating lean and productive project teams, and establishing creative strategies for optimizing operations, profitable returns and client satisfaction as outputs. Daniel is a natural leader and a consistent performer with repeated success in developing infrastructural development plans, project initiatives, directing project plans and achieving revenue performance targets. He is good with organization efficiency, Lifecycle Development, Technology Integration, and Process Engineering. Daniel is Proficient in Resource planning, team dynamics and implementation of compliance standards for projects.

Thomas Bankole

Director for Stakeholder Engagement

is a retired Engineer. He is a passionate social advocate and a community organizer. He is an avid advocate in matters of socio-economic inequities,disparities in health care accessibility and social justice. Mr Bankole worked for various international companies in Canada and the United States, among which are Coca-Cola, Nestle USA and SlimFast
Foods. He is an active Volunteer with Canadian Red Cross, Catholic Missions In Canada and Rhema Chapel Kids Club.

Khadija Othman

 has over 8 years working in the healthcare field and brings skills and knowledge in Home Healthcare Management, Refugee Health, and Rehab Case Management. Khadija graduated from York University in Toronto where she completed her bachelor’s in health studies. Currently, Khadija is in her last year completing her master’s in health management at the University of Lethbridge, Calgary. Khadija’s passion is to volunteer in non-profit to promote the rights of Black women and their social determinants of health such as gender bias and discrimination in the community.

Ima Anugom

Knowledge Synthesis Lead for Applied Research and Evaluation; MBBCh, MPH

Ima’s personal and professional journey includes working in health and public health on local, national and global levels. Her unique experiences working with community organizations, not-for-profit organizations, international NGOs, Indigenous organizations and the government has afforded her the opportunity to witness the consequences of social inequity on people’s health in her community and around the world; and through her experiences she has come to understand the need to close the inequity gap in Canada and across the world. Using her knowledge, voices from her past, her current public health networks and evidence-based practice, she is committed to advocating for and influencing policies and practices that promote and ensure equitable access for diverse communities, especially vulnerable and marginalized populations, to achieve healthy lives.

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